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Cisco Small Business Router RV220W - suitable for your business

Cisco Small Business Router RV220W - suitable for your business

If small business is to increase your wireless router at home with enough class to help your business needs grow, upgrade your router to a continuation of the small business. Routers business class should be able to provide a network speed both wired and wireless (if any). The speed of the Internet, you can ensure that their business applications to run correctly.

The other router must support a secure tunnel for remote site connections. This is especially important that your network to expand to other areas and among the network requirements. Or you can allow users to travel to reach your personal network security utility. Thirdly, the Router can protect corporate information assets from Internet threats. You know that new threats are more competent in business through the network have access to your important business data.

If you're ready to upgrade your wireless router for enterprise-class wireless rectifier small degree, consider this little RV220W Cisco router for your internet firewall security is limited.

What these products

Cisco Router card RV220W Internet security infrastructure designed for the safety of small business networks - robust, affordable and easy to handle.

High Speed

Applications support higher bandwidth, Internet security RV220W Cisco routers include a 4-port Gigabit Ethernet Switches you to connect up to 4 gigabit computer network-enabled desktop or server with Cat5e cabling. Or you can expand your network by adding a gigabit switch for the LAN.

Facilities have wireless service quality RV220W features include a wireless access point using technology to support dual-band 802.11n wireless. Unfortunately, this is not a dual band router at the time, but the dual-band router is selected. And two band is selected, the router can only operate in either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless devices if customers, including wireless devices based on the combination of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz , both the 2.4 GHz may choose to allow all customers to integrate the wireless network. If you select the interference band 5 GHz and network down to clean, you can allow only those wireless devices based on the 5 GHz band But if you want to add support 5 GHz band, wireless devices, upgrade your network to operate with higher performance.

Hybrid VPN

Unlike a home wireless router supports VPN pass, including the Cisco IPSec VPN and RV220W (IP Security) hybrid with SSL (secure socket layer). To support the VPN, you can create up to 25 secure IPSec interface between the company up to 5 SSL remote connections for remote users.

Senior Security

Cisco 4-Port Gigabit RV220W supports virtual LAN (VLAN) that allow you to distribute the network to meet their security needs. It is not necessary that the layer 3-Switch between VLANs can communicate because the router to support routing between VLANs.

Other characteristics associated VLAN, the router supports multiple SSIDs to create to allow other wireless network in four different SSID. And the good thing is that the SSID of the router supports VLAN mapping and isolation of the wireless client. However, for small business network, and you need a VLAN? Access the network segmentation, but the documentation and lack of education, the implementation of VLAN in a small business just to increase administrative costs. As the independent system requirements are not required to implement VLANs in a small business.

Cisco routers RV220W supports features such as NAT and SPI to help you protect your network against Internet threats. How do you manage your employees use the Internet safely contain / clean? Cisco routers support services to the Web ProtectLink cloud. But remember, the service is not free. You have to log into the service and pay for each year. Security is expensive but worth it to get the network environment.

Why not share the printer and storage? You can not expect the two most important features available on the network router. RV220W not include a USB port that allows you to save or share the printer. Must purchase separate print server for wired or wireless printer sharing. But remember, most of all wireless print servers to operate in the 2.4 GHz band requires the router to run the 2.4 GHz band minus sign is chosen dual-band router can not work speed of 5 GHz and clean network when connected to another network device based on the 2.4 GHz

Cisco RV220W best solution for your small business network that the wireless client supports 5 GHz band and support your printer, print server, the type of cable required, but helps the 5 GHz band

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