Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is CNC Router Wood Effect brief review

What is CNC Router Wood Effect brief review

Today, more than once automatic and manual labor. In carpentry, start automating the manual process of creating CNC technology, which replaces the hand and the head carpenter, computer-controlled cutting. program is taken by the operator to use the technology of numerical control CNC router, router control when the default operators.

CNCEquipment and carpenters

Freedom of traditional machining process offers the advantages and disadvantages of CNC equipment. For employers, this means three things: the operator can control two or more CNC machines, machine operators are more prone to damage, and human error can be reduced significantly. For woodworking, the result is offset by the automation of work processes, resulting in less labor - which was established by examining the possibilities of long-term employment in the timber industry.

For the employer that the employee is not for their own benefit, not only in terms of salary. If an employee pursuant to sub-floor space for the device exists, which is equivalent to workers' compensation case below. Adding a dramatic effect on the production rate can make a CNC router, and influences the fate of CNC machines replaced by machines are easy to understand.

CNC router capacity

CNC router praised for its precision accuracy varies depending on the number of axles they have. Features CNC Router between two and five-axis, although the model is composed of 9 axes or more are also available. path as nine axes are arranged as follows:

Three linear axes (X, Y and Z)

Three main axes of rotation (A, B and C)

Three second linear axis (U, V and W)

CNC router can take the design of this sub-image, complexity, and if there is a large enough cutting board, and can do something as big as a panel of the boat. Moreover, as applicable machines, CNC vary, so carpenters to produce a number of pieces and the computer. the level of the machine that makes a few pieces of wood as a surprise.

Increased demand in producing one of the main reasons for reform carpenters CNC machines. But to make investments in the butterfly in the stomach, such as industrial grade CNC router easily cost $ 50,000, and examples of costs 20 times the cost much more. Again, while the price may be high CNC router is the higher productivity usually easy to justify buying.


CNC equipment allows the timber industry to achieve higher profits, the highest level of production, offers free shop and carpenters wood to equal opportunities. Although the use of CNC equipment means reduced jobs for a specific job boards, they are given better opportunities for individuals to pursue private business ownership. If so, then cross through the automation and computer-controlled machines that are good for bawb. self-


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