Thursday, April 12, 2012

What to Look For in a wireless router

What to Look For in a wireless router

Shopping for a new wireless router can be difficult for many and often ended ร ข spend more money than necessary. In the specifications of the router are numbers puzzle unclear, many large and small, persistent itching and sales people for money, buy a new piece of equipment for the installation of wireless broadband is so difficult. But it is not necessary, just some basic information that anyone can go safely in the electronics and make the right purchase for them.

Need for Speed?

While connection to high speed internet always aspire to be high on any list, actually increases the velocity ¢ ร come with many strings attached. Alone, do not buy expensive routers ensure the fastest experience in the network. Set 100 for a router, switch on the platform, and do some homework.

ISP and many countries have restrictions on the amount of MB per second (Mbps) that can be used, this means that even if you buy the fastest router ever made cruising speed is faster than its neighbor. The Mbps know exactly how you should have the right to ask the seller and the type of router you want.

Decide exactly what you use for broadband. Make check emails that are easy to make some use of the network? Or streaming video and downloading large files? Does anyone in your home ล ท play online games that require high speed connections? It is not necessary for high-speed path is used only if a fraction of their capacity. Speaking super-speed milling, especially how it is distributed?

General term for most routers ร ข developed three different letters in each generation (technically four generations, but almost invisible to the first generation). From newest to oldest slower speed and in the letter you will see the fastest connections to the router ร ข b, g and n of this parallel generation and mark with a modem, so if you have a modem generation of b, a generation We gon router speed in any of the roads. However, the next generation does not have a modem and router AG fell down, so make sure that the game ล ต equipment.

The next big company, you can see in GHz and 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz either. Although the differences are small, usually works in the same manner and is not better than others. Many electronic devices รด n, garage doors, etc are carried out at 2.4 GHz, 2.4 GHz and can cause interference with the router. But most of these problems, the two technologies work รด ib n, and 2.4 routers that are likely to be more effective.

Finally, before going to the store, you will need to consider all the specifications of existing hardware, including modems and computers. Is your laptop into this antenna? No need to buy a router with either three or four ร ข those using only half of them. However, the access router to two four antennas on your computer, you can use your skills is only half of the signal.

Although it may be difficult to make a new router for several years, believes that making the right decisions about รด Once you have examined all of the above. If you need further assistance, do not panic ร ข smart purchase, please let the seller know you are still under investigation, and only a few suntingan my wybodaeth.


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